QuillTex || Quintessentially an IDE in Qt4

haata | Revision 198 | 2008-09-15 | 02:18:10
A /depreciated/sharedmemory.h

Not used anymore.

haata | Revision 197 | 2008-09-15 | 02:16:57
D /trunk/Common/sharedmemory.h
M /trunk/Common/CMakeLists.txt

Change of plans for shared memory.

haata | Revision 196 | 2008-09-13 | 22:20:25
M /trunk/Common/sharedmemory.h
M /trunk/Common/CMakeLists.txt
D /trunk/Common/sharedmemory.cpp

Class cleanup.

haata | Revision 195 | 2008-09-13 | 20:02:03
M /trunk/Common/sharedmemory.h
M /trunk/Common/CMakeLists.txt
M /trunk/Common/sharedmemory.cpp

- Allows for the storing of any kind of pointer on shared memory via a key (QString).
This will be the basis for lots of cool features in the future.

haata | Revision 194 | 2008-09-13 | 04:00:18
A /trunk/Common/sharedmemory.h
M /trunk/QuillTex/multimonitor.h
M /trunk/QuillTex/CMakeLists.txt
M /trunk/Common/CMakeLists.txt
M /trunk/Widgets/QuillControl/quillcontrol.cpp
M /trunk/Common/buttons.cpp
A /trunk/Common/sharedmemory.cpp
M /trunk/QuillTex/multimonitor.cpp
M /trunk/Widgets/QuillControl/quillcontrol.h

New common class dealing with Shared Memory.

haata | Revision 193 | 2008-09-12 | 20:19:17
M /trunk/Widgets/QuillText/CMakeLists.txt
M /trunk/Widgets/QuillSwallow/CMakeLists.txt
M /trunk/Widgets/QuillSwallow/quillswallow.cpp
M /trunk/Widgets/QuillTerm/src/CMakeLists.txt
M /trunk/Widgets/QuillControl/CMakeLists.txt

Making out-of-source builds compatible again.

haata | Revision 192 | 2008-09-12 | 01:11:55
M /trunk/Widgets/QuillControl/qc_config.cpp
M /trunk/Widgets/QuillControl/qc_config.h

Quill Control configuration skel - Ready to go.

0.6 - Installer
First Beta release
RPM/DEB Generator
You'll have to wait and see, and/or pester me.

0.5 - LaTex Tools
PDF/DVI Reader
The very reason I started this project.

0.4 - Text Editor
Really big upgrade to the proof-of-concept Quill Text

0.3 - Session Management
Doesn't the name say it all?

0.2 - Quill Control (Release Target)

Application Swallower/Catcher (X11)
cmake build (very minimal qmake and bash usage)
Generic XML Configuration templates for App Wrappers
Log Viewer
Tabbed Tiles (ie. Virtual Desktop-esque)
UI/Control Cleanup
Widget Hiding and Resizing

0.1 - Terminal Release
First Alpha release
Very first Release
Based Upon QFS Revison 3 (QuillTex-from-scratch)
Basic Function Widget (Tile-View) Controller (Quill Control)
Basic, proof-of-concept alternative widget (Quill Text)
cmake assisted build (relies heavily on bash scripts)
Modular Widgets - Allows for each piece to be used, and built separately
qtermwidget terminal interface widget (Quill Term)

Note: For a better overview on where the projects at, check the bug list, and the svn logs.

Work Style
I work on features until I get bored then work on another (or go back to another). So features often seem like they take a long time. But then again, the bonus is that on one weekend, it may look like I'm half done, and the next, I'm updating the version numbers.

If I don't like something, I change it. For example, I rewrote the majority (with the exception of a few of variables) of QuillControl a few weeks before the first release (mind you it solved, ALOT of issues that were present at the time).

Release Dates
I don't do the release date thing. Its done when I say its done. If you really want it now, just compile the latest source (I keep updated instructions in the build for what to do). When I do release, it usually means I really want to work on new features, so cool stuff is right around the corner (or already in SVN).

I do on occasion make release targets, ie. "It'll be done in about two weeks". This is actually very accurate and I'll follow it about 90% of the time (ie. I'd bet money on it...your money of course). Though what it really means: I'm almost done, and can't be bothered to finish it right now.

Believe it or not, I use QuillTex every day at work (and in class)r. I will continue to shape it towards my own work habits. However, I will try my best to make QuillTex and its modules as flexible as possible so you can mold it to your own work habits. Having said that, I am ALWAYS, open for critcism.

Try to avoid the "This APP sucks comments" as I get those enough at work. I am also open to suggestions as well. Finally, once the wrappers are clean and how I want them, they will be easy to manipulate other apps to be used in QuillTex. In which case I will be happy to accept code (after I browse over, sanitize, make sure its GPL, insert the proper credits to the author, etc.) or even just the wrapper itself.

Cross Compatibility
I want QuillTex to work on at least Linux (i386, x86_64), Mac OS X, and Windows.

I currently have no means to test for Mac OS X.

I need a Cygwin Qt4 Widget before I think about porting to Windows. Though PowerShell may be acceptable.

If you have another OS that is compatible/works with Qt4, I encourage you to try and build it. It may be a bit complicated, but I will offer to help in any way I can. And, if, you manage to get it working with some code changes, I'll be happy to try and include them for others to use (and try to maintain compatiblity the best I can).

Other Languages
Just so its out there, I am very experienced in setting up i18n code. If there is an interest in other languages, I have no issue setting things up. Just don't expect me to translate :p.

I'm "almost" good at using Photoshop/Gimp, yet I'm not really good at creating things from scratch in terms of artwork. So if you think QuillTex needs some art or themes, and can do some work on it, that'd be awesome! Just keep in mind, I reserve to right to pull it from use at any time (and that I'll definitely give credit where credit's due).